"To be the pioneer in providing globally-competitive, simulation-based solutions to the operating and engineering services companies in the process industry of Pakistan."


To jointly create measurable business value for our clients through our solutions, in terms of:

Increased technical expertise, productivity and innovation.
Reduced energy consumption.
Increased production.
Improved plant design through modifications.
Increased plant availability.
Efficient trouble-shooting of operations.
Profitable decisions and plans.


In order to achieve our mission, we provide comprehensive software-based solutions that go far beyond just providing the correct technical software to a client. The main components of our solutions are:

Commercial licensing, installation and deployment of software.
Standardized local training courses at client-site and at public venues.
Local support program, web-based portal and discussion forum.
Model development and application services.



Our expertise is mainly focused on the following industrial sectors:

Oil and Gas (exploration and production).
Petroleum Refining.
Chemical and Polymer.
Engineering Services.
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